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More information can be found in

* Eli's Vim Page * The Vi Lovers Home Page

There is a reference card which is only valid for version 5. It is available in Postscript by sending email to Please specify a subject as follows:

* ``send reference card'' for letter version * ``send reference card a4'' for a4 version * ``send reference card tex'' for the original LaTeX source

Oleg Raisky has created a reference guide for Vim and is available at There are versions available for A4 and US Letter paper sizes.

3.2 Is there a mailing list available?

There are three mailing lists for Vim (description to follow). You can join any of the lists by sending an empty mail message to the appropriate list handler. If for any reason, things don't work, contact>.

* To (un)subscribe to the Vim Help list

mail vim-(un)

* To (un)subscribe to the Vim Announcements list

mail vim-announce-(un)

* To (un)subscribe to the Vim Development list

mail vim-dev-(un)

Each mailing list serves a different purpose and you should not crosspost between them. This is a brief description of each list: For discussions about using existing versions of Vim: Useful mappings, questions, answers, where to get a specific version, etc.> For discussions about changing Vim: New features, porting, etc.> Announcements about new versions of Vim and also beta-test versions and ports to different systems. No discussions here, please.

If you have a question about the usage of Vim then please post it to comp.editorsor to the vim mailing list. Please note that if you send a message to a Vim mailing list but are not subscribed, your message will be discarded. You must subscribe in order to send mail to the mailing lists.

Do not send mail to the mailing lists for subscription or unsubscription. (The maintainer of the list hates that! So do the people subscribed to the lists.)

3.3 Is there an archive available for the Vim mailing list?

There is an archive available for the announcements made on the vimannounce mailing list at

There is also a mail archive available by FTP if you need to check out old messages sent to one of the other lists. They are available at: to see what type of information should be sent when making a bug report. There is also a script included with newer versions of Vim, which can be used to create a bug report.

We are looking for someone to take over the tasks of our previous bug maintainer. If you are interested, send a message to Bram

If you have patches that you would like to submit for approval and incorporation in future versions of Vim, you can send them to Bram

3.5 Where can the FAQ be found?

This FAQ will be posted on a (hopefully) regular basis to the comp.editorsnewsgroup. The latest version can be found on It will also be mirrored at Eventually, it should make its way into news.answersand

You can also find a searchable version of this and many more FAQs at the Hypertext FAQ Archiveat

3.6 What if I don't find an answer in this FAQ?

This FAQ covers mainly Vim-specific questions. You may find more information suitable for most Vi clones by reading the Vi FAQ. It is posted regularly on comp.editors. You can also find a copy at

Please note that although I maintain the FAQ, I am not the best resource to answer questions about Vim. If you send a question about using Vim diretly to me, 9 times out of 10 I will redirect you to the Vim mailing listor to comp.editors. So you might as well send your questions directly there since you're liable to get a more accurate and useful response than I could give you.

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